$ 85


$ 30


$ 35


  • Life Jackets
  • Free parking
  • Single, tandem and triple rides available
  • Up to 450 pounds per flight
  • 3 years or older (may change depending on physical size)
  • Photo ID required
  • Getting wet is optional but recommended!


Look back fondly on your thrilling parasailing experience by allowing our photographer to capture the memories.

Our generous photography package documents your aerial adventure with approximately 100 high-quality photos. The pictures will be presented you after the ride on a 4GB SD card which is yours to keep!

Ready to experience the ride of your life?


Experiencing the exciting and thrilling adventure of parasailing is something that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. The staff at Miami Parasail would love to introduce you to the unique experience of parasailing in Miami today!

We guarantee a lasting experience that your friends and family will always cherish. The beautiful skyline of Miami Beach is world-famous, and we are pleased to offer the opportunity to soar through its skies!

Our professional staff will ensure your safety and allow you to focus on taking in the breathtaking views from the air. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this activity first-hand today!


Parasailing in Miami Doesn't Get Any Better

Miami has so much more to offer than its golden sandy beaches. Among the many water sports adventures that it has to offer, nothing is greater than parasailing in Miami. Miami Watersports would take great pleasure in introducing you to the unique experience of parasailing! This lasting experience will introduce you and your friends and family to the thrill of soaring by the stunning Miami skyline.

Don’t just stand there and gaze longingly from the beach as someone else whizzes by propelled forward by a roaring and beautiful power boat. Take your place in the air, triumphant and satisfied that its your turn to inspire those gaping onlookers.

Safely tucked into your harness you will soar 400 feet above Miami, taking in sensational views of Miami Beach, Fisher Island, Biscayne Bay, Key Biscayne, the Everglades, and the entire downtown Miami skyline. From this lofty perch, you will take in a marvelous bird’s-eye view of natural sandbars, sea turtles, dolphins, manatees, and manta rays. If you would like to continue your adventure after the ride, we offer lots of other water sports activities to ensure that you can take advantage of all Miami Beach has to offer.

Worth the time and money to come from anywhere in Miami to here. They have the best customer service and friendly and fun workers. The parasaling was thrilling and exciting. Everyone make the right choice and come here!
Ben Zutler
Ben Zutler
23:42 21 Aug 17
We traveled all the way from Miami Beach just for them... Amazing costumer servise... Extremely nice to travelers... Do not trust. I repeat do not trust any place in South Beach
Daniel Raminfar
Daniel Raminfar
23:36 21 Aug 17
Amazing experience! Had a blast parasailing with my friends the other day. The best part was when we got dipped in the water hahaHIGLY recommend this place and the free parking is a big plus!
Yoami Garcia
Yoami Garcia
01:11 22 Aug 17
I did the full adrenaline package which included: 1 hour jetski ride, parasail, flyboard! Best money saver! Best time of my life. The staff was amazing I wouldn't recommend anyone else
Jayce Azua
Jayce Azua
03:25 17 Aug 17
Amazing Customer service
Eff You Sea Cay
Eff You Sea Cay
16:18 11 May 18


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