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Eight Amazing Things to See While Parasailing in Miami Beach

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Parasailing in Miami Beach is one of the most exciting and thrilling ways to experience it, and one of the most fun water sports of all. From high up on the Parasail (up to 1000 feet!), you can see the best and most unforgettable views of South Beach, the city of Miami, and the Biscayne Bay! Parasailing is one of the best activities to do on a sunny day at the beach. Cool off with the wind and sea breeze while experiencing great views on the ride of your life. Here is a list of things you can see from a Parasail tour on Miami Beach. You can enjoy these views from your parachute alone or with a friend!

1) Marine Life

With a breath-taking bird’s eye view of Miami Beach, you’ll enjoy seeing sea turtles, manta rays, manatees, schools of fish, and dolphins. A parasail tour over 700 feet above the ocean is a sure way to experience the rich marine life of Miami Beach and the Biscayne Bay. Choose to stay dry, or take a dip in the water on this parasailing adventure. Parasailing, you’ll surely see tons of beautiful marine life, as well as the sand bars and sparkling blue waters where they live.

2) Star Island and Fisher Island

Enjoy an exclusive view of Star Island from the sky on your Parasail adventure. You’ll see the island home to stars and celebrities right off Miami Beach. On a parasailing tour, you’ll get a great view of large seaside mansions and beautiful boats. Check out Fisher Island too! This small island paradise off Miami Beach houses luxury condominiums and yachts on a beautiful private shoreline. It is one of the richest zip codes in the US.

3) Miami Skyline

If you’re in the mood to discover the beautiful Magic City skyline, a Parasailing tour is certainly the best option! Flying through the wind on a parasail, you’ll see the entire Miami Beach Skyline, with skyscrapers and historic Art Deco buildings. Parasailing also gives you spectacular views of the iconic Downtown Miami and Brickell skylines and the Rickenbacker causeway to Key Biscayne.

4) Ocean Drive

Instead of cruising down Ocean Drive, see it from the sky on a Parasailing adventure. Beat the constant stream of crowds and see the glittering lights and historic Art Deco architecture on your exciting parasail tour of Miami Beach. Ocean Drive runs parallel to the Atlantic Shoreline, from South Pointe Drive to 15th Street.

5) South Pointe Pier

From high up on your parachute, you’ll see the very edge of Miami Beach, South Pointe pier. Here you’ll get bird’s eye striking views of a glorious sandy beach, as well as the park and pier right on the tip of the island of Miami Beach. Also on South Pointe is Miami Beach’s famous steakhouse, Smith and Wollensky. On your parasailing adventure, you might see some cruise ships leaving the Port of Miami and heading to the Caribbean, and all sorts of other yachts, sail boats, and jet skis.

6) Flagler Memorial Island

On your exciting parasailing tour, set sail for Flagler Monument Island as you catch sweeping views of Miami Beach. This man made island has a 110 foot obelisk as a memorial to Miami industrialist Henry M. Flagler. He built much of Miami and Miami Beach after he fell in love with the beautiful Florida coastline. From high up on the parasail, the big obelisk will look smaller. After some damage in 2000, the City of Miami Beach recently fully restored this historic monument.

7) Vizcaya Castle and Gardens

While Parasailing through Miami Beach, be sure to check out Miami’s castle, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This Beautiful pink palace was inspired by Italian and Spanish villas and was formerly the Deering Estate. It sits beautifully on the coastline of the Biscayne Bay, just near Miami Beach. You’ll catch amazing views of the Vizcaya Villa and it’s extensive lush Italian Renaissance gardens from 800 feet high up on your parasail.

8) North Miami Beach

Don’t forget to check out North Miami Beach on your Parasailing tour. Similar to Miami and South Beach, North Miami Beach offers long calm sandy beaches! Get in on the action on North Beach, joining the kit surfers on a windy day from high up on you parasail. You’ll see all the colorful kites and watersports galore!

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